Instagram automation at its finest

As I promised a week ago, here’s my brief review of an app, that I personally consider to be an ultimate social media management tool. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful.

There are many Instagram management apps, but just like with smarphones, most of them are made in clandestine workshops in Asia. And then there are major players. So here’s an iPhone among automation services for Instagram – Just like this legendary device, Zengram is ultimately simple and functional. Even your granny could use it! It has everything to make you go viral: automated liking and following, thoughtful commenting, witty algorithms to find you just the right people. If you need to clean your following list – it’s the quickest, if you need to post to Instagram from pc – it’ll do it, if you need to find people from a specific city – it’s never been easier. So if you want your business to grow, your brand to expand visibility and your persona to be recognizable – sign up now and get your completely free 3 day trial.


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