On fails, returns & decisions

It’s been a while since the last time I promised to be back and active, and i failed once more. Well, i will not promise it this time. I clearly left the idea to start an Instagram as something bigger than just a personal photo album that any of my friends can access at any time. I’m not a photographer nor a model, my business is pretty far from visual, so there’s no need for my presence on the medium.

The idea of starting a serious blog doesn’t seem attractive either. I just don’t feel the need to do it, I tried to oblige myself, but it didn’t work at all. I want to establish a blog, but I force myself to it fruitlessly.

This is why I made a simple and logical decision: to distance myself from this domain and to look at it as a whole from afar. I’m interested in social media, but I have absolutely no need or attitude to take on it seriously, so I’ll just observe, learn, and maybe someday the seeds I set let me reap a harvest.

I can’t tell when, but someday I’ll came back again and share some knowledge I will have collected. There’s already enough of unsystematized information for a proper book in my head, and I’ll try my best to extract it into a comprehensible form and share as soon as the inspiration comes.

I think next time I’m back I’ll tell you about applications for Instagram able to boost your initial growth. It can happen tomorrow, or in a year, or never – there’s no other option than to wait. Take care, and make sure you check this page every once in a while.


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