Follow4follow and the fastest way to deal with unfollowers

My business does not let me manage my Instagram properly, so i focused mainly on my usual social media activity: checking Facebook and Twitter, finding new friends and communicating. I started a group on Facebook devoted to a very popular hashtag movement – #follow4follow. This hashtag and its analogues #f4f, #followforfollow and many others are widely used to attract new followers. It does not bring any targeted users, yet it still drives up the numbers, which is pretty useful in the very beginning of the way towards popularity. There’s not so many people so far, although the number is growing, but the followers of the group are now mainly focused on different photos I upload than on sharing their Instagram names.

Also a very useful service I’ve recently found seems to be very helpful in this matter: is a web-based application that allows unfollowing up to 5000 users not following you per day. Of course so far i don’t need such a high rate, but the possibility to get rid of 1000 unfollowers for free has taken me over. So my idea of how to combine the tag and the app is simple – to create a community that is willing to mutually increase Instagram following and sort out the people who use this hashtag unfairly.

I promise I’ll start posting again and I’ll report all the steps I take to get instafamous. Sol long!


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