Necessary pause

Unfortunately last couple week were pretty tough, so you (and by “you” i mean that single person who visited my blog so far) might have noticed that not a single post was made and perfectly equal amount of photos was uploaded to my Instagram. But now I hope it’s over, and i’ll be able to continue my social media discoveries.

Actually, all this time I have been exploring Instagram and adjacent resources to get more theoretical knowledge, and generally get to grips with the whole thing. I found many useful third-party applications of which I’m going to speak soon. In fact, the diversity of services amazes me. There’s anything one can wish: from web-based user activity trackers that collect all possible kinds of statistics to mobile apps allowing to access multiple accounts at once, saying nothing about different filters, frames, layouts and others of that ilk.

And there’s something interesting I understood about myself. I’m not that into the photography itself as I am into this image sharing social media activity. Instagram as well as Tumblr, Flickr, Snapchat, DeviantArt attract me with enormous amount of high quality pictures. I decided to comprehend all the mechanisms of this specific kind of human interaction, and then, if possible, to share my accumulated knowledge with others. It means, my dear readers, soon you’ll get the first piece of advise. So long!


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