First step

Now it’s done, I’ve uploaded my first photo. I thought about it for a while, tried to figure out what way to choose, to be a pleaser or a teaser, serious or humorous, black & white or saturated color. And I realized I had no sound conception yet, so the only decision left was to be myself and pick the first pictures that attracted my attention. They’re there now, you can check them out. A little flock of sheep and a nice book.

I surely added some hashtags, and strangely my photos were liked by almost exclusively Italians. Pretty girls and boys by the way, but also users with… pornographic content. I was unpleasantly surprised to see a close-up porn scene in my feed. Anyways, i think my start was pretty good, first reaction was inspiring enough for me to keep going. In a short time you’ll be hearing from me again. So long!


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