Not an instant, but result

Last time I wrote about Zengram, a service for automated promotion. I linked my account @instant.result, and I must say I didn’t pay for it, only used the 3 day trial. As you can see from my profile, the number of likes I got even exceeded the number of my followers! This is the result of a thoughtful use of Zengram, combined with popular hashtags.

The result is obvious, the service works well, it didn’t provoke a ban or any other sanction, so it’s safe to use. The result isn’t instant, but it is visible. The other apps I tried either didn’t work at all or produced much lesser effect (I’m going to review other tools soon). So far this is the best automation I was able to find. Please do share yours in the comments.


Instagram automation at its finest

As I promised a week ago, here’s my brief review of an app, that I personally consider to be an ultimate social media management tool. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful.

There are many Instagram management apps, but just like with smarphones, most of them are made in clandestine workshops in Asia. And then there are major players. So here’s an iPhone among automation services for Instagram – Just like this legendary device, Zengram is ultimately simple and functional. Even your granny could use it! It has everything to make you go viral: automated liking and following, thoughtful commenting, witty algorithms to find you just the right people. If you need to clean your following list – it’s the quickest, if you need to post to Instagram from pc – it’ll do it, if you need to find people from a specific city – it’s never been easier. So if you want your business to grow, your brand to expand visibility and your persona to be recognizable – sign up now and get your completely free 3 day trial.

On fails, returns & decisions

It’s been a while since the last time I promised to be back and active, and i failed once more. Well, i will not promise it this time. I clearly left the idea to start an Instagram as something bigger than just a personal photo album that any of my friends can access at any time. I’m not a photographer nor a model, my business is pretty far from visual, so there’s no need for my presence on the medium.

The idea of starting a serious blog doesn’t seem attractive either. I just don’t feel the need to do it, I tried to oblige myself, but it didn’t work at all. I want to establish a blog, but I force myself to it fruitlessly.

This is why I made a simple and logical decision: to distance myself from this domain and to look at it as a whole from afar. I’m interested in social media, but I have absolutely no need or attitude to take on it seriously, so I’ll just observe, learn, and maybe someday the seeds I set let me reap a harvest.

I can’t tell when, but someday I’ll came back again and share some knowledge I will have collected. There’s already enough of unsystematized information for a proper book in my head, and I’ll try my best to extract it into a comprehensible form and share as soon as the inspiration comes.

I think next time I’m back I’ll tell you about applications for Instagram able to boost your initial growth. It can happen tomorrow, or in a year, or never – there’s no other option than to wait. Take care, and make sure you check this page every once in a while.

Follow4follow and the fastest way to deal with unfollowers

My business does not let me manage my Instagram properly, so i focused mainly on my usual social media activity: checking Facebook and Twitter, finding new friends and communicating. I started a group on Facebook devoted to a very popular hashtag movement – #follow4follow. This hashtag and its analogues #f4f, #followforfollow and many others are widely used to attract new followers. It does not bring any targeted users, yet it still drives up the numbers, which is pretty useful in the very beginning of the way towards popularity. There’s not so many people so far, although the number is growing, but the followers of the group are now mainly focused on different photos I upload than on sharing their Instagram names.

Also a very useful service I’ve recently found seems to be very helpful in this matter: is a web-based application that allows unfollowing up to 5000 users not following you per day. Of course so far i don’t need such a high rate, but the possibility to get rid of 1000 unfollowers for free has taken me over. So my idea of how to combine the tag and the app is simple – to create a community that is willing to mutually increase Instagram following and sort out the people who use this hashtag unfairly.

I promise I’ll start posting again and I’ll report all the steps I take to get instafamous. Sol long!

Necessary pause

Unfortunately last couple week were pretty tough, so you (and by “you” i mean that single person who visited my blog so far) might have noticed that not a single post was made and perfectly equal amount of photos was uploaded to my Instagram. But now I hope it’s over, and i’ll be able to continue my social media discoveries.

Actually, all this time I have been exploring Instagram and adjacent resources to get more theoretical knowledge, and generally get to grips with the whole thing. I found many useful third-party applications of which I’m going to speak soon. In fact, the diversity of services amazes me. There’s anything one can wish: from web-based user activity trackers that collect all possible kinds of statistics to mobile apps allowing to access multiple accounts at once, saying nothing about different filters, frames, layouts and others of that ilk.

And there’s something interesting I understood about myself. I’m not that into the photography itself as I am into this image sharing social media activity. Instagram as well as Tumblr, Flickr, Snapchat, DeviantArt attract me with enormous amount of high quality pictures. I decided to comprehend all the mechanisms of this specific kind of human interaction, and then, if possible, to share my accumulated knowledge with others. It means, my dear readers, soon you’ll get the first piece of advise. So long!

First step

Now it’s done, I’ve uploaded my first photo. I thought about it for a while, tried to figure out what way to choose, to be a pleaser or a teaser, serious or humorous, black & white or saturated color. And I realized I had no sound conception yet, so the only decision left was to be myself and pick the first pictures that attracted my attention. They’re there now, you can check them out. A little flock of sheep and a nice book.

I surely added some hashtags, and strangely my photos were liked by almost exclusively Italians. Pretty girls and boys by the way, but also users with… pornographic content. I was unpleasantly surprised to see a close-up porn scene in my feed. Anyways, i think my start was pretty good, first reaction was inspiring enough for me to keep going. In a short time you’ll be hearing from me again. So long!

My goals defined

Yesterday after i’d created this blog i started to thinking – why? I knew i wanted to share my ideas and vision of photography, but what aspect of it? And now this crossed my mind – Instagram! I’ve never actually had an Instagram on my own. I’ve been familiar with it since it just came out of nowhere and started to take over the world, but i’ve never uploaded a single photo, never explored this community. Well, i didn’t even have an account. Until today.

What can i say, now i’m a happy instagramer! This is me in my new social media avatar: There’s no photo yet, today is the day when i decide what niche i want to try.

But this blog’s future is now defined: i am going to write down every somewhat important step of me becoming an active and skilled user of this amazing medium. I hope this long way will let me uncover tips and tricks that i’ll be able to share with you, my future readers. So long!

Hello, world!

Even though it’s a piped-in phrase, but i like it very much. Every time i type it i feel like i am really saluting the entire planet and giving it a friendly hug. I hope i could do the same in real life.

Long story short, hereby i name this blog Instant Result, as it is the thing i always expect. From now on this place is my box for digital pictures of any sort. And, of course, for some thoughts i venture to share. That’s it, we’re now introduced and i’m looking forward to fill these pages with something good. So long!